Potential School Name Change Form

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The District is asking for input from the community, in the event that the Board chooses to go forth with the name changes.

Community members will be asked to submit their name, email, name changes for Dowling and/or Lee and the rationale behind their choice. The school name does not have to be a proper name (i.e.-Lee Elementary), but is suggested to be inclusive to the entire community (i.e. - Memorial). Once the responses have been received and tabulated, we will publish them in the Port Arthur News and the District's social media pages and website. The District will accept submission of name changes from September 4-28, 2018 by 11:59 p.m.

The Board will make their final decision on this subject during the October 25, 2018 Board meeting.

The following guidelines shall be used in the naming of school buildings or other facilities in the District:
1. Facilities may be named for persons who have served the District or community, especially in service to children.
2. Facilities may be named for any local, state, or national heroic figure.
3. Persons to be so honored by the naming of facilities shall be considered while living or deceased.
4. Nominees shall have made a significant contribution to socie-ty and/or education, and their name shall lend prestige and status to an institution of learning.
5. The individual must represent exemplary human qualities that can serve as a model of excellence for the students who will attend the school.

Recommendation Process
The Superintendent shall announce a time period for receipt of written nominations. The Board shall accept nominations for the names of new schools or facilities from individuals or groups resid-ing within the District.
Normally, this time period shall be approximately three months and shall occur at a time that would permit the Board to deliberate on the nominations and make a selection prior to the opening of the new school or renaming of any facility.

Nominations shall be sent to the Superintendent. The supporting data shall include a succinct description of the nominee’s contributions, why these are important, and any pertinent history that should be considered. The Board requests that no more than five pages of supporting documentation be included. Petitions shall not be considered. The Superintendent shall submit the nominations received, with supporting data, to the Board for action.

Board Decision
The responsibility for the final decision in naming facilities rests with the Board. Consideration of the naming of a new school shall be included on the Board agenda for two consecutive regular meetings. At the first meeting, the Board shall hold a public hearing to gather input from the community and to discuss the naming of the facility. At the second meeting, the Board may vote to name the new school or facility.